Last night, I sent out a message from our social accounts praising the Epic 4G Touch's boot times. They amazed me as soon as I turned this Galaxy S II Sprint variant for the first time last Friday and haven't ceased to amaze me ever since. I have loaded up all the same apps and then some compared to any of my other phones, and still - the Epic 4G Touch blazes by the competition like no other device I've seen.

I promised you guys a video comparing the boot times of E4GT with the EVO 4G. Sure, that didn't sound like a fair fight, but that wasn't my point - I wanted to show the current EVO 4G owners (and other year+ old devices) how far technology has advanced in that year+.

But fair enough - to even out the brawl, I've also thrown in the more recent HTC Thunderbolt and the dual-core EVO 3D running at comparable 1.2GHz clock speeds. Let's see how they do, shall we?


The setup:

  • Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (see our review), unrooted, running stock, filled with more apps than any of the other three devices. It also has an external SD card full of music, which causes the media scanner to run for a bit.
  • HTC EVO 3D (see our review), unrooted, running stock. This is the wife's phone, so it has maybe 1/4 of the amount of apps compared to the E4GT.
  • HTC EVO 4G, rooted, running CM7. It has about the same number of apps compared to the E4GT - this is my previous device that I upgraded from (and so glad I did).
  • HTC Thunderbolt (see our review), unrooted, running bare stock with maybe 1-2 apps installed.

For the purposes of this comparison, I considered the boot process done as soon as I saw the welcome/home/unlock screen. Let's get to it, shall we?

P.S. If you've never seen the SGS II boot, prepare to be amazed.

P.P.S. The EVO 3D doesn't even boot 2nd. Ouch.

P.P.P.S. The EVO 4G pulled this on me constantly. It was downright infuriating, especially when I needed to restart it while navigating and wait for days for it to boot back up.