Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air are part of a platform that has proven revolutionary for web content and user experiences since its creation. That platform is about to get a major update, coming in "early October," which introduces Stage 3D, an architecture that promises hardware-accelerated rendering at 1000x the speed of Flash Player 10.

Adobe also boasts support for theater-quality HD video, native 64-bit optimizations, and HD video conferencing in the upcoming release. Adobe is so confident in the new iteration of Flash Player 11 that they have dubbed it the next-generation console for the web, bringing "unmatched consistency" and the ability for developers to implement their games and apps on a wide range of devices more easily than before. The updates will be coming to just about every web-enabled device out there- Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Windows, Mac, and connected TV devices, making Adobe's "1000x faster" claim all the more impressive.

Whether Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3 live up to the billing placed for them remains to be seen, but it sounds as though the two have a very promising future.

Source: Adobe Blog