RadioShack seems awfully pleased with its new partnership with Verizon, and to express its sentiment it is giving a $100 instant rebate for every Verizon smartphone activated with a 2-year contract. Those averse to arduous rebate policies (i.e. mailing in the form) will be pleased to know that the entire process of activation and rebate approval will be taken care of by an "awesome" RadioShack associate on the spot. The selected handsets include the HTC Thunderbolt, the Samsung Droid Charge, the Motorola Droid X2  and Droid Bionic.

Existing Verizon customers will also receive a $100 gift card in addition to the $100 instant rebate when they upgrade their handset. To obtain this gift card, customers must trade in their old handset for a Verizon smartphone at RadioShack, then they must head on to and key in the unique promo code received via email or SMS. Verizon will then send customers a prepaid envelope for the old handset to be mailed back to Verizon. Once Verizon receives the handset the $100 gift card is mailed to the customer.

Finally, in addition to the above rebates and promotions, RadioShack will also be giving customers who purchase a new Verizon phone a 25% discount on all accessories.


As one of my esteemed colleagues pointed out, Verizon has got to move all the old stuff out the door for the impending release of the Prime (hopefully)!

Check out RadioShack's official press release below:

We’re so excited to have Verizon Wireless available in RadioShack stores across the country, and even more exciting is the awesome deals that we have for our customers looking to save $200 on a new Verizon Wireless smartphone at RadioShack! Here’s how:

For starters, when you activate a select Verizon smartphone at RadioShack with a 2-year contract, you’ll receive a $100 instant rebate – this is done right at the register by our awesome associates, so you don’t have to fill out any forms or mail anything off. RadioShack’s rebates are always instant, so you know you’re getting the best deal right when you get your phone, with no waiting! This includes select smartphones such as the Thunderbolt by HTC, the DROID CHARGE by Samsung, the DROID X2 by Motorola, and even the hot new DROID BIONIC by Motorola!

If you’re already a Verizon customer, we want you to come check out your local RadioShack store, too. In addition to the $100 instant rebate on smartphones, existing Verizon Wireless customers are able to take advantage of Verizon Wireless’s current $100 gift card promotion, even when they upgrade their phone at RadioShack! To do this, simply head to your nearest RadioShack store and trade up from your current basic phone to a new Verizon Wireless smartphone! Then, you will receive an email or SMS with a unique promo code. Simply get on your computer and go to to enter your promo code. The website will ask you which basic phone you are trading in, and then you’ll receive a prepaid envelope and return mailing label to send your old basic phone in. As soon as Verizon receives your phone, they’ll mail you a $100 Verizon Wireless gift card!

When you pick up your new Verizon Wireless smartphone, don’t forget the accessories – things like a car power adapter, a case to protect your new phone, and some cool headphones are definite must-haves! To make it easy to get the accessories you want for your new phone, RadioShack is offering 25% off accessories when you get your new Verizon Wireless phone!

So what are you waiting for? You can use the handy RadioShack Store Locator to find a store near you, and don’t forgetThe Shack’s Trade and Save program, which lets you get instant value for your old phone when you trade it in and get a new phone!

Which new smartphone from Verizon Wireless are YOU most excited about getting at RadioShack?

Source: RadioShack via PhoneArena