Infinite Dreams, the creators of such hits as Sky Force and Shoot The Birds, are famous for high quality and absolutely stunning graphics in their games. Their upcoming title, Jelly Defense, is no exception. Today, we have a sneak peek at the first official trailer of this newcomer to the Tower Defense genre with a few new twists (or should I say "twisters"?).

The game, featuring 20+ missions, 8 unique power-ups, and 10 tower types, will be available in the Android Market September 29th. And now, dive into the trailer to see all the gorgeous eye-candy that's coming your way (fast forward to about 1:50 for actual gameplay):

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Gliwice, Poland – Infinite Dreams, award-winning mobile games publisher has released an official game trailer for Jelly Defense, an upcoming tower-defense game for iOS, Mac OS and Android devices. The worldwide premiere was set on September 29, 2011.
The trailer shows the unique and addictive gameplay as well as the amazing audio visual experience. Jelly Defense will offer over 20 campaign missions, 8 unique power-ups, 10 towers to strategize with, normal and hardcore speed mode and Game Center integration. High-resolution eye-catching gorgeous graphics, awesome 'Jelly' world and fantastic sounds will be the most important advantages of this production.

“This is a very exciting moment for us. Jelly Defense is ready for the final release. We are very proud that over 100 fans and journalists participate in our closed beta tests and use their experience to improve the game. We hope our new product will be magic gate to the tower-defense genre for many gamers.” – said Infinite Dreams CEO, Tomasz Kostrzewski.
This highly anticipated project is the core game in the 'Jelly' series. Previously released Jelly Chronicles , Jelly Invaders and Talking Jelly Clock were created for promotional purposes only to announce the upcoming tower-defense game and familiarize gamers with the 'Jelly' universe. Additionally all promo games will be available for FREE when the 'jelly invasion' on the App Store

In celebration of the new release, developer decided to listen gamers community and give them ability to bring the price down! Fans will choose the price by voting on dedicated website ( where they can use Facebook, Twitter or other social media services to do so.

About Infinite Dreams Inc.:
Infinite Dreams Inc. is a game development studio located in Gliwice, Poland. With over 10 years of experience in the industry the company focuses on creating top quality games for all most popular mobile operating systems including iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile. The company cooperates with major international publishers and software distributors in Europe, North America and Asia. Sky Force – a title created and published by Infinite Dreams – is the highest rated Polish mobile game of all time. Currently the company is one of the most important software providers for the next Nokia's OVI Store. Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep by Infinite Dreams was the best-selling and top rated N-Gage game in 2008. The company is also an official and certified Sony PSP, Nintendo WiiWare and Nintendo DS developer.