One of the best things about Samsung in recent months has been its timely release of source code for new devices -- often times before they even hit the market. True to form, Sammy just dropped the Epic 4G Touch source in its Open Source Release Center.

This is quite exciting news for those picking up this monster device today (or who already have it in-hand), as only good things come from the development community once the source hits. In a matter of days, we should start seeing custom kernels pop out that will push this beast to its limits, making an already awesome device even more awesome.

In similar news, the kernel source for the low-end Samsung Admire on MetroPCS and Cricket Wireless has also been released, if you're into that sort of thing. Hit the links below to download.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch Kernel Source

Samsung Admire (MetroPCS) Kernel Source

Samsung Admire (Cricket Wireless) Kernel Source