We first told you about Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! back in July, and now, just two months later, it has officially landed in the Android Market.

Kamikaze Attack is a new take on a the cult classic action from the old school Serious Sam, putting you in the shoes of Sam's mortal enemy, The Headless Kamikaze. You'll blast, kick, and whatever else your way through 40 insane levels trying to rid the world of Sam once and for all.

Is it me, or is that iPhone overly-big? I guess it's possible that the guy just has really tiny hands. I'd like to see him hold a BK double cheeseburger.

Touted as a game that will "revolutionize the world of games you can play on the toilet," Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is sure to make for some mad-awesome gameplay. Though, if you plan to play in a public restroom, Fork Parker from Devolver Digital has a word of advice: "Expect some stares from other restroom patrons once people hear all the kamikaze screams coming from your stall. Trust me, it gets weird.”

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The game will set you back $0.99 for a limited time and is available now.

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!