It looks like AT&T is finally ready to take the wraps off its long-awaited LTE network in an attempt to compete with Verizon's powerhouse 4G LTE, which now covers over half of the country. Ma Bell's speed-demon network will start its plan for world conquest in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Chicago, IL on September 18th, with plans of introducing another 10 LTE markets before the end of 2011.

We recently caught a glimpse of what AT&T's LTE is capable of thanks to some leaked shots of the upcoming HTC Holiday, which could end up being the first LTE enabled smartphone to land on the network. Of course, if you're just dying to get some LTE action from Big Blue, you could always go pick up the outrageously priced HTC Jetstream, as there really aren't many other options at this point.