Did you recently do something horrible to your Droid Bionic? Tired of staring at that red Motorola logo? This freshly released recovery file will have your bionic running like new in no time.

Interestingly,  Motorola has changed the recovery file format from the tried and true SBF file to the XML based FXZ file. There's isn't a huge difference between the new and old file format, but according to Brief Mobile's head honcho, Kenneth Pennington, FXZ is "more transparent and customizable." So there's that.


For the end user the process is the same as it's always been. The gist is:

  • install the Moto drivers
  • connect your Bionic to the PC
  • open RSD Lite
  • load the recovery file
  • flash.

Much better instructions are available at the source link. And next time, be more careful!

Brief Mobile (thanks, Omar!)