From the beginning, Android users have been trying to guess what's in store for the OS, even down to what the next version will be called. While many have speculated on what Ice Cream Sandwich's successor will be named, This is my Next reported today that a "trusted source" revealed that the next version of Android will in fact be called Jelly Bean.

As usual we have no idea what version number this will be, but the source also divulged that "game-changing" features will be integrated into Jelly Bean, some of which were initially meant for Ice Cream Sandwich.

As it stands, we have very little to go on regarding Ice Cream Sandwich, so it definitely feels a bit early to begin thinking about Jelly Bean - but with today's story, the speculation can officially begin.

Update: This Is My Next has just reported that another "well-regarded" source chimed in today to calm concerns over the game-changing features supposedly left out of Ice Cream Sandwich in favor of Jelly Bean. The source says first of all that Jelly Bean is simply "in the running" as the name of the next Android OS because there are honestly just a few sensible dessert names starting with 'J' (personally I'm rooting for Jawbreaker). The source also indicates that Ice Cream Sandwich will still be a major release, bringing several fundamental changes and improvements with it, and not just a slightly tweaked re-hash of Android 2.x.

Check out the original story at This is my Next.