Yesterday we reported on a shocking bit of news discovered within an XML file on Samsung's website. The file nexusprime.xml suggested that the next Nexus device was to have a screen resolution of just 480x800. This, along with the ARM11 processor listed in the file proved to be a source of concern for many, but the bewildering specs seemed too out of place to be true.

After some digging around (thanks, Florin and others who raised valid concerns), a similar file for the Nexus S was discovered on Samsung's site in the very same folder (nexuss.xml). The two turn out to be exactly the same, save for the model numbers of the devices they represent.

$ diff nexuss.xml nexusprime.xml 
<         <prf:Model>GT-I902X</prf:Model>
>         <prf:Model>GT-I9250</prf:Model>

It would appear that the Nexus Prime file is nothing more than a placeholder with all data copied straight from the Nexus S file, so the specs listed within are in no way official. The Android community can now exhale a collective sigh of relief, sit back, and wait for the official details of the Nexus Prime to surface.