Remember our Out of Milk giveaway? Come on, it was like, a few days ago. If you don't, we gave away 25 copies of the Pro version of this absolutely fantastic shopping and pantry organization app to the comments here and on Google+ that we enjoyed the most. Here they are.

From "Klaus with a "K"" in the post comments:

“Honey? We're out of milk. – again!”

When milk is what you need
and shopping warnings were not heed
Then You, my friend, are out of luck
and in the doghouse surely stuck

You need to shop with care
and plan your trip with flair

Can’t decipher illegible doodles
will end you up buying noodles

Don’t bring home salami
knowing everyone eats pastrami

And when all that’s needed is a bit of oats
you better not come rolling home with goats

No listed item should be carelessly omitted
or for sure you will be deemed nit-witted.

You need to shop with some assist
so your homecoming will be kissed.

Don’t let yourself be bilked -
you need an app for Out of Milk.

Ps: Is this app safe to use for the lactose intolerant?

Just fantastic. Next up...

From Oldsailor in the post comments:

We live on an island off the coast of Maine and it is a fairly expensive ferry ride to get the mainland to go shopping so we do not go very often. In addition we are old and forgetful so shopping lists are doubly important to us. If we forget the depends.....well I don't want to go there.

I probably shouldn't have laughed at that one. But I did.

Finally, from John Ray via Google+:

I need Out of Milk because I'm starting to suspect that expired cabbage and ketchup sandwiches aren't that healthy, and I don't go outside without a plan.

Mmm, ketchup.

For the other 22 of you that won: please check your spam and bulk mail boxes on the e-mail account you used to enter. If you entered on Google+, please check your notifications for a mention from Art Russ.

Congrats to all of you!

We'd also like to thank the good folks over at Capigami for providing us the licenses. Even if you didn't win, you should definitely check out Out of Milk (if you already haven't).