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Android Police review: [New Game Review] Sprinkle HD Looks To Drench Lesser Puzzle Games With Its Awesome Water Physics

This game is absolutely gorgeous, with great physics and the fluidity (literally) that I've never seen before in an Android game. A must.

:-] - It looks great on tablets.

:-[ - Seems it's available only for Tegra devices.



Ready, Aim, Squirt! Using a water cannon mounted on a crane, players must adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps in this challenging water-physics based puzzler.

But squirt carefully as you will run out of water and the less water you use, the more drops you earn.

Using some of the most realistic water physics seen on an Android device yet, Sprinkle is a brain-teasing game that will have players straining to figure out each puzzle and obstacle.

Developer: Mediocre
Price: $1.99

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Sentinel 3: Homeworld Is An Insane Orgy Of Tower Defense Madness

Android Police review: [New Game Review] Sentinel 3 Elevates Tower Defense Gaming To A New Level With Stunning Environments And Numerous Weapons

Exclusive Dubstep soundtrack + gorgeous, explosive graphics + tons of weapons and upgrades = instant <3.


Take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a massive arsenal of weaponry & get up close and personal on the battlefield in your power armor to execute devastating attacks and support your defenses!

** A gruelling campaign across 20 levels!
** A powerful commander unit which can level up and gain new abilities as you play!
** Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal!
** Customize your weapon loadout in the Armory to match the demands of the mission.
** Stunning graphics & fx!
** Endless modes for all maps!
** Classic mode allows you to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game mode!
** Support for achievements, global scores, friends and more using OpenFeint!
** View strategic layouts from the leaderboards - see how the best players think!
** Exclusive music by Specimen A!

Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Sentinel 3: Homeworld

Third Blade by Com2uS

From the creators of Slice It, Homerun Battle 3D, Inotia3, 9 Innings, etc - you know this one is going to be good.


3 types of blades—dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword—can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along. The ultimate action game filled with endless battles against monsters that keep you immersed in thrill and excitement—Third Blade.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Shoot The Birds by Infinite Dreams

Android Police coverage: Shoot The Birds Makes Its Way To Android, Lets You Wear A Pumpkin On Your Head And Kill Things

Absolutely gorgeous and simple, yet addictive game. This is what I pretty much played exclusively on trains during my trip to Boston last week.


The birds may be angry, but it's You who's got the crossbow.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Muffin Knight by Angry Mob Games

Muffin Knight, you had me at the unicorn named Sir Poopsalot that poops rainbows.


Android Police coverage: From The Makers Of Guerrilla Bob: Muffin Knight Released In The Android Market

Enter the fairytale world of the Muffin Knight, brought to you by the creators of Guerrilla Bob! Fertilize the forest with the unicorn, cover the sky with black holes, flood the world with candy, but just get the muffins back. Muffin Knight is an action-packed platformer with stunning visuals and a myriad of fairytale characters, each with their own unique abilities, which gain strength as you advance.

This is the story of a little boy, on his journey to return the old fairy’s magical muffins. A strange curse was set on him: with each muffin he touches, he turns into a different creature. The old fairy promises to turn him back into a boy when he gets all the muffins back.

Muffin Knight
Muffin Knight
Developer: Angry Mob Games
Price: $0.99+

Reckless Getaway by Polarbit

Android Police coverage: 'Reckless Racing' Developer Brings A New Game To The Android Market: Reckless Getaway

The Developers behind Reckless Racing now brings you Reckless Getaway.

Weave in and out of oncoming traffic; dodge, outrun or ram pursuing police cars and just generally crash, smash and thrash your way through 16 varied levels. Let’s face it: beating someone across the finishing line is a lot of fun, but not nearly as much fun as tackling them into oncoming traffic to watch chaos ensue.

- 16 eye-popping, visually amazing Tracks
- Simple and effective controls
- Unlock new tracks by earning your rates
- Global leaderboards, show you're better than the rest
- Astonishing physics brings chaos to another level

Reckless Getaway
Reckless Getaway
Developer: Pixelbite
Price: $1.49+


A beautiful, quirky game of extreme, tactical shooting and U.F.O. flying fun. Help Zixxby free his home planet's moons. Only you can help his species escape from the evil clutches of the Ningrom empire.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Android Police coverage: Madden NFL 12 Hits The Android Market, Brings Over 2500 Real NFL Players To Your Mobile Device

BOOM! Feel the excitement of NFL Football, anytime, anywhere with Madden NFL 12 for Android. With hard hitting action and beefed up rosters (over 2500 real NFL players!), get the ultimate football experience now.

    Go deep with ultra-sharp gameplay and stunning graphics optimized for Android phones. Feel the impact of every game-changing tackle with smooth, hard hitting animations.
    Choose from the 32 NFL teams and battle it out in their true-to-life stadiums. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team.
    Slow down the clock and make the play on both sides of the ball with Total Defensive Control (TDC) and Action Control Time (ACT). Pause the action and put your players in position to deliver game changing hits with TDC, or use Action Control Time to dominate defenses with dives, spins, jukes, and sprints.
    Draw up Hot Routes for passing, running, and defense. Even save your best (or craziest!) routes as audibles.
    Jump right in with Exhibition Mode, play through an entire 16-game NFL season in Season Mode, or relive the 2010/2011 playoffs.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Pixel Rain

I've tested the early version of this game and gave a bunch of feedback to the devs that was incorporated into the version you  see in the Market now. Pixel Rain has very pleasant graphics and fun challenges. Overall, a great puzzle game.


Protect your items from a rain of deadly pixels in this insane puzzle game.

Pixel Rain features:
• 64 challenging, brain twisting levels for hours of fun
• Flabbergasting graphics
• Fast physics simulation engine
• Much more to come in future updates!

image image image

Pixel Rain
Pixel Rain
Developer: Silicon Studio
Price: Free

Cowboys & Aliens by Gameloft

Android Police coverage: [First Look] GameLoft Releases A 'Cowboys & Aliens' Game To The Android Market - Let's Hope It Was Better Than The Movie

Join the human resistance and defend the Earth. Discover the Wild West like never before! Saddle up as Zeke and ready your six-shooter, lasso and… space rifle. Defend the human race against an alien invasion in this varied platformer where you'll experience thrilling gun fights with an impressive arsenal and ride horses, bulls and even alien bikes. Explore canyons, a Wild West city, trains and an alien spaceship to send the invaders back into the depths of space.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Cows Vs Aliens

Aliens are invading and you need to save your cows by herding them into the barn as fast as possible. This is an awesome game for touch-enabled Android phones.

Cows Vs Aliens
Cows Vs Aliens
Price: Free+

Zoombie Digger

Fight against adorable but deadly Zoombies animals in Zoombie Digger. The zombie animals have got their passports and are flying to the United States, Australia, Russia, Mexico. You must defend these countries from this cute but terrible invasion. Zombie bears, hedgehogs, moose, piranhas, and many more are coming on foot, on skateboards, and even on rockets and it’s up to you to stop them from getting to your house. Grab your shovel, lasers, slingshot and any other weapon you can find to defend yourself!

  • Many evil, but incredibly cute zoo-zombies
  • Multiple ways to kill the zombies
  • Unique bosses
  • Combo system to max out your score
  • More than 75 levels, increasing in difficulty
  • 12 cities with famous sights
  • 16 kinds of weapons
  • 10 kinds of super-weapons

Zoombie Digger
Zoombie Digger
Developer: CrazyBit LLC
Price: Free+

Mystery of the Crystal Portal by G5E

I loooove hidden object games, and this one looks pretty good. G5 Entertainment continuously pumps out quality games, and this one is no exception.


Embark on a brain-bending adventure that's full of unique hidden object fun. Journalist Nicole Rankwist has always been close to her archaeologist father. So when her father goes missing, Nicole knows she has to find him. After all, he had apparently just made a discovery that could "change the course of humanity". Join Nicole as she searches the globe on an eye-popping quest to find her father and discover the truth behind the Crystal Portal. Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, stunning full-screen graphics, and more, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape for the whole family.

● 7 Picturesque Settings
● 22 Levels and Mini-Games
● Unique Hidden Object Gameplay
● Original Storyline
● Stunning Scenes to Search
● Loads of Brain-Bending Fun

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

Welcome to Shadow Town. There are beaches, but you should not go near the water. There are woods, but those who enter them never return. And there's a village, but all it has to offer are empty streets and fog that hangs in the air like a curse. The only thing you can explore in this place is the source of the terror that will grip your heart.

Mark and Angel didn't mean to come here. But something caused their small boat to crash on the island; something dragged Angel into the darkness; and something is drawing Mark to a shocking truth as he looks for his wife. Will you be his guiding hand as he explores spine-chilling locations for hidden objects? Will you stand by his side as he confronts terrifying creatures? Will you be his muse as he solves mind-bending puzzles? Play Twisted Lands: Shadow Town and prove you have what it takes to survive.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Alabama Smith Lite

Alabama Smith is young, dashing and intelligent. He's also a brilliant student of archeology, so when his professor needs to find an artifact that allows a person to travel through time, he turns to our whip-smart hero for help. Join Alabama and the professor's daughter, Anastasia, as they travel to modern Pompeii on a mind-bending seek-and-find quest.

At first, you'll help Alabama search for the relic, and then you'll step into the role of Anastasia as she races to save her friend from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Jump back and forth between the past and the present to solve elaborate puzzles and prepare for shocking twists and turns in this story of double-crosses and intrigue. Photorealistic visuals and atmospheric audio make this already captivating adventure all the more compelling.

Alabama Smith Lite
Alabama Smith Lite

AR Invaders

AR Invaders - The world is your game board

  • Winner in "International Mobile Gaming Award" for the Best Real World Game.
  • Finalist in Best app ever awards | Best Use of iOS Hardware.

AR Invaders brings the classic alien invasion game theme into the 21st century with an augmented reality twist. You have joined Earth's Resistance Forces to hold back the aliens ships that are attacking our cities, forests, beaches and deserts - wherever you are, they are coming.

  • Augmented reality means you play in your real surroundings
  • Stand up and fight in 360 mode, or sit down for 180 mode
  • Build an army with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Defend Earth against 9 invasions with increasing difficulty

AR Invaders
AR Invaders
Developer: Soulbit7
Price: $2.42

Gravity Wins

Connect 4 is an enjoyable classic, but now, thanks to Android technology, you can enjoy Connect 4 with an interesting twist. Gravity Wins is based on the two-player game, however every few rounds, the board rotates changing the physics, allowing the pieces to fall into new positions depending on the gravity orientation. Now that can be a game changer.

To win, you need four of your stones in a line. The line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The active or winning player is highlighted at the top of the screen. The number in the upper-right hand corner tells you how many rounds are left until the next field spin.

Currently, two people play on one Android or one person against an AI-Player.

Gravity Wins
Gravity Wins
Developer: ANDLABS Studio
Price: Free

Tiny Robots

Equip your weapon, shooting alien robots.

- Control the simple shooting game
- Tilt the device control tanks move, shooting an alien robots
- Protection of three seeds of life
- 30 fun addictive levels
- Various types of alien robots

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The Infinite Black (MMO)

In this amazing massively multiplayer online world you will choose the path of humble space trader, intergalactic warrior, disreputable pirate, or corporate overlord.

  • Upgrade and customize over 10 different unique ship templates!
  • Fight your way through a hostile galaxy populated by thousands of other players, aliens, pirates, and more!
  • Join up with friends to form powerful Galactic Corporations and battle it out for control of rare planets, resources, and shipping lanes!
  • Run missions, colonize planets, harvest resources, dispatch fighters, hunt down bounties, craft support drones, or raise a baby alien pet to protect you! The possibilities for fun and adventure are endless!
  • Completely FREE TO PLAY!

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Dragon Hunter II

Welcome to dragon hunter II, new boss, more powerful magic. Attack dragons to guard your castle.

image image

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Demolition Master 3D Free

With Demolition Master 3D you will fill like the real bomb expert capable of tackling even the most complicated tasks. Travel to various countries and continents, take part in ambitious construction projects and demolish, demolish, demolish.


  • Game is entirely in 3D
  • Realistic physics
  • Excellent graphics and nice visual effects
  • 70 game levels, 3 locations (IN FULL VERSION)
  • 4 types of explosives with different properties
  • Social networks OpenFeint (leaderboards & achievements)

Demolition Master 3D FREE
Demolition Master 3D FREE
Developer: App Mania
Price: Free+

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

Airport Mania 2 takes you on a journey like no other as you tackle airports from the North Pole to the Moon, and encounter a whole new set of aircraft including spaceships and military jets. You’ll also see some of your old favorites in totally new ways, like being retrofitted with pontoons for water landings. As with the first game, Airport Mania 2 was made to make you smile. Featuring a whimsical appeal that everyone who is a child at heart can enjoy, and intensely fast and challenging game play, Airport Mania 2 is your one-way ticket to fun.

  • Zany out of this world locations
  • New Military Jets and Spaceships
  • New challenging 4-Star scores to achieve
  • Earn over 40 Awesome Awards
  • Journey through 9 Airports and 79 Levels

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips
Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips
Developer: Lemon Team
Price: $0.99

Cube of Atlantis (Free)

Test the limits of your ingenuity and patience as you try to solve the mystery. Legend holds that the great treasure of Atlantis was hidden just before the city was destroyed. A single key was created to reveal the treasure's location only if the bearer proved worthy. This cube is believed to be that key. Do you have what it takes to unlock it?

Cube of Atlantis (Free)
Cube of Atlantis (Free)
Developer: Danger Monkeys
Price: Free

Devil Ninja2 (vs Boss)

New battle on the devil's land, It's time for the ninja to action, In this face paced fighting game. Your task is to fight against the monsters, kill the boss. And there are various props to increase your combat effectiveness.

  • New BOSS!
  • Kill enemies to POWER UP!
  • New game scene
  • More weapons

Devil Ninja 2
Devil Ninja 2
Developer: Droid Studio
Price: Free

Supermarket Mania 2 by G5E

Multi-million-downloaded game finally receives a much-awaited sequel! Nikki and her friends Clarence, Wendy and Max are ready for the new adventure as they arrive in Tinseltown where Uncle Ross needs help with his troubled supermarket chain, and Mr. Torg is plotting his revenge plans.

● 80 diverse levels
● 6 new game settings
● 34 products to sell
● 11 unique customers
● 10 new game mechanics
● 200 upgrades
● Instant bonuses

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Virtual City by G5E

Build the city of your dreams.

Is your dream city a residential paradise or an industrial center? Build dwelling houses and industrial buildings. Produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Setup mass-transit system to take your citizens to places like parks, cinemas and stadiums. Make your city a better place to live by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, planting trees, and upgrading buildings to make them more eco-friendly. Make citizens happier by launching spectacular public events. Trade with neighboring cities and accomplish the construction of landmark buildings like Marina, Train Depot, and Spaceship Launch Pad. Help troubled cities get back to prosperity, deal with economic downturns, population crisis, and consequences of natural disasters. Achieve balance between key parameters of your success: Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness. Play over 50 challenging levels, and unleash your inner mayor in Free Play mode.

● 50 Challenging Levels in 5 Settings: Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, New York
● 18 Distinct Mission Scenarios
● More Than 50 Types of Buildings
● 25 Types of Goods to Transport and Trade
● 7 Production Chains to Master
● 16 Special Achievements to Earn
● Tens of Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock

Virtual City®
Virtual City®
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: Free+

Doodle Devil™ F2P

Doodle Devil - new best-seller by JoyBits. Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. You’ve already created a whole Universe from the four basic elements and you don’t know what to do next? Destroy everything to the ground! Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you! Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies... which will destroy everything.

Embrace the world of lust, gluttony, greed and theft to find out what Doodle Devil was doing while Doodle God was busy creating the Universe and life in it.

- Destroy the Universe using a human and an apple!
- Invent 157 advanced items and concepts!
- Devil Slots with Devil Coins!
- The legendary one-click gameplay for creating or destroying the Universe on your iPhone!
- Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings!

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Drag On

As people says dragons have quite an appetite. Despite that, dragons prefer cakes than angry knights in armor. Find the right path so that your dragon can enjoy all those tasty cakes and be rewarded with medals. However, getting those delicious cakes which are scattered around the world of Drag’On will not be an easy task … Think well before making your dragon fly.

image image image

Developer: MovingPlayer
Price: Free


Lovers of retro-style games will definitely want to check out GravitreX.


This is a port of the PC game Gravitrex, which won the Swedish Game Awards 80's Warmup competition, which was a one week competition with the theme of 80's videogames.

-50 levels (25 included for free, the rest can be unlocked from within the game as an in-app purchase)
-Real 2D physics, simulated using jBox2d
-Grab and lift boxes
-Advanced damage system that will keep things interesting to the end
-Map physical keys if you have them, otherwise touch controls are fine, even if you don't have multitouch (pressing middle is same as pressing right+left)
-Controls can be inverted, if you prefer to press on the side of the thruster you want to fire, rather than on the side to which you want the ship to turn
-Autohover system, if you switch ships while in the air, the ship will autohover until you repossess control of it.

Developer: Martin Hjerne
Price: Free+

Nightclub Story by TeamLava

Get ready to open a pumping new nightclub packed with hip visitors dancing to your favorite Nightclub Story™ music! Design the dance floor and lighting, mix some drinks, then strategically place thumping speakers and unique posters on the wall to complete your nightclub nirvana. You can watch the clubbing faithful on the dance floor until the early hours, dancing to exclusive Nightclub Story™ in-game music or tunes from your own mp3 music library.

- Design and build a nightclub with special lighting effects and hip decorations.
- Choose songs from addictive in-game music tracks or your own mp3 music library.
- Mix drinks on a variety of customizable bars.
- Create the best dance floor around – it can be as big as the entire club so prepare to dance!
- Visit your friends and dance at their clubs.
- FREE updates with new dance floors, décor, items and drinks every week!

Nightclub Story™
Nightclub Story™
Developer: TeamLava Games
Price: Free+

Empire Story by TeamLava

Welcome to Empire Story™ where you and your friends can create the empire based on your imagination. Build and decorate your empire with arenas, Colosseum, temples, and wonders. Watch your population skyrocket as you create the most powerful and respected empire.

- Choose from over 60 varieties of homes, public buildings, and decorations.
- Design and decorate your empire with temples and wonders.
- Get notifications when your goods are sold.
- Send exclusive buildings as gifts to your friends.
- Gain mastery as you sell goods.
- Take and share pictures of your empire.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Bloody Bunnies

I was actually disappointed by the lack of actual blood in this game, but the graphics make up for it.


Jump around like crazy and try to hop on top of the others' heads. Challenge your friends and enjoy hours and hours of addictive online mutliplayer fun in amazing 3D environments.

- Amazing 3D environments
- Online multiplayer up to 6 players & 2 players on a single android tablet
- Openfeint leaderboards & achievements
- 3 addictive game modes
- 4 beautiful and exciting maps
- Cute or bloody option
- Easy to use and intuitive interface
- 2 tight and easy control schemes

Bloody Bunnies
Bloody Bunnies
Developer: Mentalwarp Games
Price: Free+

Rugby Kicks

I'm not sure why anyone would play a game consisting strictly of kicking the rugby ball, but then again, I'm not into rugby at all. Rugby fans seem to love it, according to ratings and reviews.


Rugby Nations is proud to present Rugby Kicks - the game for aspiring rugby legends. This is a game designed to develop your kicker skills and push you to earn your way to become a member of the World’s rugby elite. As you progress, you will be able to create your own signature look to match your status and showcase your talent to even bigger audiences. Rugby history is made right here and now – make sure you are a part of it.

Work your way up the ranks from Sunday team through to Legend status. Hire a coach, move onto bigger stadiums and take your kicking game to the next level. Different game modes and challenges will keep you working harder.

image image image

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Infinite Dungeon Free

The goal of Infinite dungeon is simple. Work you way from floor to floor searching for the stairway down to the next level while dispatching monsters and improving your equipment.

Infinite Dungeons levels are procedurally generated and are different every time you play but just to mix things up there are also over 70 pre-designed levels that the game will switch in which contain additional features like keys, doors and switches.

  • Over 80 different enemies
  • Over 70 Designed levels
  • Over 100 Unique Items
  • 38 spells
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • 4 Races and 3 Classes
  • Multiple Tiered achievements


Infinite Dungeon Free
Infinite Dungeon Free
Developer: Robert Morrell
Price: Free

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