The unstoppable GO dev team keeps pumping out amazingly polished products seemingly almost every week - they've already won me over on the launcher side with the GO Launcher EX (and its gorgeous Calendar widget), and yesterday they've added Switch GOWidget to their arsenal.

This toggle widget is compact and only occupies one row on the homescreen, showing 4 primary toggles you've configured, but with a single press of the "..." button, it opens up a full page's worth of other toggles along with the phone and media volume sliders. Pressing the Edit button lets you re-order all the items to your liking.

Overall, the Switch GOWidget offers a clean, yet powerful interface for a cool price of free. CyanogenMod already offers a really nice power control widget, built right into the notification bar, so I probably won't need to use Switch GOWidget, but if you don't use CM, I strongly advise you to check it out.

Note: The widget needs the latest version of GO Launcher EX (also free) installed to function.

wm_snap20110903_152052 wm_snap20110903_151829 wm_snap20110903_151840

GO Switch Widget
GO Switch Widget
Developer: GOMO Limited
Price: Free