We've been hearing rumors of a potential Amazon tablet for some time now (no, I'm not referring to the Amazon Blaze), and not only are they true, but the device should be coming out quite soon.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler recently spent some hands-on time with the device that will simply be known as the 'Amazon Kindle,' and while he couldn't take any photos of it, he has painted a picture with words, describing, in great detail, what he saw and how he felt about the device.

For starters, the device is a seven-incher, which Siegler compares in appearance to both the Nook Color and the BlackBerry Playbook. It runs Android, but it's not like any Android device we've ever seen before -- Amazon has customized the interface from the the ground up, and it's all based on a pre-2.2 version of Android.

The tablet won't come sporting any Google apps at all - no Gmail, Gtalk, or Maps; not even the Android Market. Instead, the device is quite Amazon-centric, and features the Appstore as its go-to app playground, Cloud Player for music, and Amazon Instant Video will be handling all of the movie-playing dirty work.

From a hardware standpoint, Siegler didn't get a whole lot of details, but he did get enough to give a good idea of what the device is capable of. It's assumed to be running on a single-core chip, although clock speed was of no mention. It's only packing 6GB of internal storage, but considering its cloud-powered nature, this should be more than enough. A camera of any kind is absent, and the backing has a rubbery PlayBook-like feel to it.

The current cost for consumers looks to be around $250, putting this badboy right in line with the Nook Color. If it does well, a more powerful, ten-inch version will arise from the success, but we won't see that one until at least Q1 of 2012, if we see it at all.

This new Kindle is expected to be available for consumers before the holiday season, with an expected release sometimes in November.

I've only hit key points on what the Kindle is said to bring, so if you're interested in the full details of this device, I urge you to take a look at the full post on TechCrunch.