There are dozens of alternative alarms out there, but ever since I discovered WakeVoice way back in November, it's been my favorite. The biggest reason: I can lay in bed for a few minutes after I wake up and not feel bad about it since WakeVoice reads me the weather and news (it can also read your horoscope and, depending on your phone, your calendar). The app uses the stock Android speech synthesis voice, but third-party voices are linked from within the app and can be purchased. Better still, WakeVoice features voice recognition. Rather than having to find your phone to hit "Snooze" or "Stop," you can just say it using voice commands.

All in all, the whole app is a bit like Tony Stark's J.A.R.V.I.S., only... you know, real (and not Paul Bettany).

wakevoice1 wakevoice2 wakevoice3

The picture gets better, too: we've partnered up with ADNFX Mobile to give away 20 licenses (normally $2.88 in the Market) for the app.

How To Win

This contest is now over. We have selected the winners - see if you are one of them here.

It's quite simple: just drop us any old comment at the bottom of the post. Be sure to use a valid email in the "Mail" field, as winners will be contacted by email. Winners will be chosen at random on September 4 at 11:59 PM PST and contacted shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

WakeVoice - vocal alarm clock
WakeVoice - vocal alarm clock

WakeVoice Trial alarm clock
WakeVoice Trial alarm clock
Developer: ADNFX Mobile
Price: Free