With somewhere around 200 apps on my phone at any given time, it can be a pain to scroll through all of them to find what I'm looking for. Categorizing apps into handy folders can also be time-consuming. Fazik Logic takes the concept of sorting your apps one step further however with LiveSorter, a new app that automatically sorts installed applications into appropriate categories.

Adding to the list of LiveSorter's benefits, it has relatively no resource drain as it only wakes when a new app is installed and needs to be sorted. At the moment the app only recognizes apps from the Android Market.

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The app is free but there is also a "full version" which adds more icons and better fine-tuning options for automated sorting. The full version is available for the special opening price of $1.00 in the Market. If you've got more apps than you have patience for sorting, this app is definitely worth a spin.

Developer: Fazik Logic
Price: Free+