If there is one thing that I'm always interested it, it's new browsers for my tablet. I can honestly say that I've used nearly every available browser in the Market - both optimized for Honeycomb and not. While I currently switch between Dolphin for Pad and the stock browser, I've been longing for a Honeycomb optimized version of Firefox for some time. It looks the Mozilla Mobile team heard my quiet cries, as they showed off some of the features of the upcoming browser in an official blog post earlier today.


As you can see, it it has a very clean and minimal look about it, while retaining some of the visual elements of Honeycomb.


In landscape, the tab bar is along the left side so it maximizes the vertical viewing area; flip it into portrait, and the tabs move to the top to maximize the horizontal real-estate. Brilliant design, if you ask me.


The 'Awesomebar' is also on the receiving end of some enhancements -- the tabs have been moved to the left, making them easier to read and access, along with increasing the amount of displayed results above the keyboard.

There's no word on when this version may be available, but we'll make sure to keep you posted when it does.

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