Nope, Verizon still hasn't changed its mind about skipping the Galaxy S II, but if BGR's latest exclusive proves to be true, Android fans on Big Red needn't be disappointed. Indeed, the carrier is said to be launching the Samsung DROID Prime - likely a rebranded version of the long-rumored Nexus Prime - as early as this October.

The DROID Prime's primary claim to fame will, of course, be its operating system: BGR says it'll be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device on the market. The blog didn't list any specs, but if the DROID Prime (or, if you prefer model numbers, SCH-i515) and the Nexus Prime are in fact one and the same, you can expect a 4.5-inch HD AMOLED display coupled with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU.

Unfortunately, it will reportedly remain a Verizon exclusive for some time, leaving Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile customers in a cold, dark world with no Ice Cream Sandwich to speak of. A terrible fate.

Source: BGR