Normally, I feel like live wallpapers are a novelty at best. While they may add functionality or pleasing aesthetics to a device's homescreen, they usually end up sucking down the battery and slowing down the device as a result.

Every once in a while, though, a LWP comes along that makes any potential downsides totally worth it. Thus is the case with a new live wall from Bizai Studio called Swirling Ornaments.

I'm going to be totally honest here -- this may be the best LWP I've ever seen. The colors, smooth transitions, and overall elegance is truly beautiful. Have a look:

The best part is that this wall is completely free. I'm not sure why the dev decided to forgo a pricetag on such an elegant piece of art, as most users would probably pay at least something for something this well made.

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Swirling Ornaments LWP - Free
Swirling Ornaments LWP - Free