Here's a bit of good news for our friends across the pond: Gameloft just launched a new subscription service called the "Gameloft Club" that lets you score a new game title every week for just £0.99. All you have to do is head over to the Gameloft UK website, join the Gameloft Club, and register for the service using your "Android HD" device by hitting the "Club Buy 99p" link next to any applicable game. While GL specifies that an "HD" device is a requisite, it fails to provide definition as to exactly what that means. We're assuming that any higher-end device should work, so you'll just have to give a shot and see what the outcome is.

As an added bonus, users who sign up for the service will receive two games for the week at £0.99 each, basically doubling the normal weekly offering.

It costs nothing to joint the club, so you really have nothing to lose -- in all actuality you can actually win something if you join before Monday, August 29th. Joining the club before then tosses your name in the hat to win an LG Optimus 3D, giving you yet another reason to give it a go.

[Gameloft via Droid Den]