Wow, this just might be the best deal we've posted in a while. Unfortunately, we're not 100% certain on the price, because the images we were tipped to don't exactly specify one. Still, based on the $300 mark we've been hearing, and Droid-forums' claim that their source says that's the number, we're starting to feel pretty confident in that figure.


If you look on the left hand side of that image, in the red area, you can see the text "Accessories Bonus Pack / $159.97 Retail Value / Includes Standard Dock / Vehicle Navigator Dock / Battery Dock and / Extra Battery." That's a lot of kit to bundle with a phone for just $300 on a new 2-year agreement! I've been thinking about getting the BIONIC myself, and this offer might just sway me if it turns out to be true.

You may notice the lack of the word "Costco" on any of these images, but if you look at the one on the left below, at the top you can see the words "Take this to the Wireless Kiosk to Purchase," and this is what Costco calls their in-store mobile phone area. If you're asking us, this seems legit, as Costco tends to do this sort of thing on most major device launches - particularly for Verizon.

costco-bionic3 costco-bionic4

Guess we'll have to wait and see on the BIONIC's tentative launch date: September 8th.