Update: On further reflection, we're going to tentatively call this image a "rumor" for now, as we have no way to confirm its authenticity, but we have no reason to think these images are fake, either.

Finally, visual proof that unicorns do exist! Someone, somewhere, has leaked a shot of the upcoming Galaxy S II US market handsets headed for three of America's big four carriers (ATT, T-Mo, Sprint). Without further ado, here they are:


Where the image is from, we're not sure (pocketnow provided no details), but it could very well be a slide from Samsung's upcoming press conference to announce the arrival of the first US-friendly Galaxy S II phones. But where it's from, frankly, isn't all that important, right?

If you look closely, it appears all of them are "4G" - meaning WiMAX on the Sprint model and HSPA+ on its T-Mobile and AT&T cousins. It's no LTE, but as carriers continue to expand and improve their sort-of-4G networks, having a device which can access those networks has become a lot more useful in the last year.

What do you guys think - which model is best-looking? All of them seem relatively similar, but I'm liking the lines on the AT&T version.