Our 6th and largest ever giant giveaway is already underway, but where is the winner of the 5th one? You can blame me for that - I decided to take a little vacation and have only had time for peeking in here and there. Organizing and sorting through the entries is no small feat, and I finally found a couple of hours to do so on the quiet (for now - the hurricane is coming! :-S) coast of Cape Cod.

With over 4500 entries from Facebook, Google+, and Twitter (in this order of popularity), the 5th giveaway was great success. Before I move on to the winner, selected at random, I'd like to thank SimplyApplied for providing the prize. Check them out on the web or on the Android Market.

And now - the winner!


Unfortunately, since there is only 1 grand prize and over 4,500 entries, the chance of winning one is... well 1/~4500 (unless you entered using more than 1 method). The person listed below, selected at random from the whole pool, will receive the 16GB Tab 10.1 from us and our friends at SimplyApplied.


imageShaune Little, a graphic designer and snake oil salesman (ha - that's from his own profile) from Tampa, FL who entered using Facebook (as well as Google+) on August 17th  - you are now the owner of a brand new 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet. Congratulations!

We will be contacting Shaune shortly, and as for the rest of you, if you didn't win, don't lose hope - we have a ton of devices already lined up for future giveaways, waiting their turn to possibly land in your hands.

Update: And here is Shaun with his new baby!

image image

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