In  the past, teasers, trailers, and other forms of video goodness for the Droid lineup have left me in a state of awe. I can still remember the amount of excitement that I felt the first time I saw the teaser for the Droid X -- it was chill inducing. The second that eye lit up with the infamous red glow and the "droid" audio resonated through my ear canals; oh man, it was good. Great even.

More recently, the Droid Charge campaign came along and brought a full assault of LTE-meets-Droid awesomeness to your senses. The phone may be sub-par (at best), but again, the ad campaign was incredible.

Now, the first Droid Bionic teaser has been leaked, so, naturally, I expected something intense, tension building, and everything else its predecessors had to offer. Instead, I was left with a feeling of "what did I just watch?" -- it was disappointing, to say the least. It's 32 seconds of a sci-fi ninja woman preparing to do battle against a machine, which makes sense given the Bionic's "Rule All Machines" tagline.

Still, with a slogan like that, it could be so much more. Just have a look:

Update: No, that's not Natalie Portman.

Since this is just a teaser video, there is still a chance that Moto and Big Red can redeem themselves with the full commercial, but from where I stand, the prospect of that happening looks pretty grim.

Alas, I ask you, dear reader: how do you feel about the direction they're going with the Bionic's campaign? Shout it out in the comments.