Even though the HTC EVO 4G is now well over a year old, it holds a special place in Sprint's heart, and because of that (and you know, the fact that it's the most popular Android phone on the network), the company seems committed to providing us with timely updates. A new maintenance update with version number 4.53.651.1 and the following changes and fixes is next up for the OG 4.3" pioneer that changed the smartphone world:

HTC EVO Software Update - 4.53.651.1


- Integrated voice recognition accuracy with voice search and voice-to-text

- Image size issue with contact transfer over bluetooth

- Images cut off in Picasa

- Group contacts not in alphabetical order

- Out of memory, Unable to send SMS

The update should be rolling out over the next 1-2 weeks starting now. You can check to see if it is already available on your EVO 4G by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > HTC Software Update.

Important Notes:

- The new software version is: 4.53.651.1

- This update will be released in stages to devices over the next 1-2 weeks.  When manually trying to initiate the update, you may receive a message  that no update is available.  Please be patient and check back later, or you may wait until the update is automatically sent to your device.

- Refer to the HTC EVO Software Update blog for install instructions. 

Source: Sprint via @Sprint