Update: At the request of Swype, we have removed the links to this ported version of Swype for the Nexus S 4G because of licensing concerns regarding the Sprint branding. Also, because this same update will be rolled out on Swype Beta for all devices this week. Check out the announcement, here.

Just about a week ago, Sprint let Nexus S 4G owners in on a new version of Swype that improved capitalization of proper nouns, spruced up the UI, and introduced shortcut gestures (see the video below). Unfortunately, users of all non-NS4G Android phones were left out of the fun; therefore, we did not consider the update newsworthy.

No more! Thanks to the enterprising hackers at XDA Developers, all Android users with rooted devices can now try out this latest rendition of Swype.

The instructions are a bit technical, and as always, neither we nor XDA can be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of this process. Proceed at your own risk.

With that aside, here are the instructions laid down by AproSamurai:

Download link


1.Filesystem Explorer-Root Explorer or whatever else that can access root and change permissions.

2.Terminal Emulator

3.Some patience for my horrible instructions haha.xP

If you have Swype already installed it'd be best to remove all traces of it by going into System/Apps and deleting Swype.apk and into System/Lib and removing libswypecore.so(Some similar name) and then rebooting your phone.

After reboot you'd want to direct your browser to this linkand download the zip file containing the corresponding files for the NS4G Swype and extract them anywhere within your phone. It doesn't matter because you're about to move them either way.

First up
Move Swype.apk to System/App and change the permissions to 644

USER: Read Write
Second up
Move libswypecore. to System/Lib and change the permissions to 644

USER: Read Write
Now back out of your file manager or check to see if the permission changes stuck. It should read rw-r--r-- on both.

Open up Terminal Emulator and enter:


Source: XDA Developers