Google TV users will be happy to know that support for the platform is finally coming soon to the Android SDK. This will allow developers to unleash their apps on all Google TVs on the market, which in turn could help manufacturers eventually push more units given the renewed interest.



Since the Google TV Market announcement at Google I/O, the platform has had a lot of road bumps in both TV network and user adoption. However, since the SDK update will provide new APIs (such as channel line-ups),developers will have a wider array of tools to use while crafting applications.

These new options take the form of an add-on pack to the Android SDK, which interested parties can download here.

If you have a Logitech Revue and are interested in a leak of Honeycomb, we got you covered with a walkthrough from earlier this month. That build has fewer features (no Netflix!), but will give you an idea of what the Market environment will look like, and how it works.

Apps that are supported by Google TV will also show up in the Android Market, like they do for any other Android device. Certain apps, like those that require touchscreens, won't be able to be installed to the system.

I, for one, will watch for the development of new apps in earnest. I've always been curious about the potential of the platform, and perhaps these new possibilities are just what it needs.

Source: Android Developers