I feel a little bit of an attachment to Apparatus - we were one of the first blogs to review the game, which was a nice discovery while browsing Reddit one day. I've seen the app grow and add a whole boatload of interesting features; it truly is one of the Android platform's best games.


So when we got word today that it was finally leaving beta and stepping into the world of "finished" products, I couldn't help but smile a little bit. It's good to see games go through an entire development cycle and remain interesting and relatively bug-free all the way through.

With the stable release, a bunch of new features have been added, including rocket engines. I'm a fan of these updates because each one ends up giving me ideas for new levels to make. Here's a list of the new features!

  • New object: Rocket engine
  • New object: Electricity hub
  • New object: Remote switch for batteries and rocket engines
  • Undo functionality (20 undo steps)
  • Autosave main challenge levels, close the level and come back later to continue where you left off
  • When clicking the follow-object button, the game now pauses until you have selected an object
  • 10 new background images
  • 1 new level
  • Elastic ropes are now more FPS independent
  • Improvements to controls
  • New app icon
  • Bugfix: The wooden motor suddenly wasn't possible to nail to other objects
  • Bugfix: Force close occured in the sandbox if too many objects
  • Bugfix: Other rare crashes in sandbox

But if you think that the game is "done" by any means, you've got another thing coming. Developer Bithack has let us know that development will still happen with new levels being added and bugs being fixed. While Bithack does have other titles to work on, I'm happy that they'll keep Apparatus updated to the best of their ability.

Developer: Bithack
Price: $1.97