We recently started a new series of posts called the Mobile Security App Shootout, which focuses on keeping our devices safe and recovering them if lost or stolen. Along those same lines comes an amazing Tasker/Locale plugin centered around the device security called Secure Settings.

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Designed for Android 2.2+, Secure Settings offers a plethora of features for both rooted and non-rooted users, including quick keyguard toggle and lock, Linux run command, set or reset password/pin, device wake, or wireless ADB (root only). With the help of Secure Settings Helper, rooted users can also take advantage of more advanced features such as the ability to enable/disable ADB, enable/disable GPS, enable/disable pattern lock, and much more. The amount of options offered in this app is seriously overwhelming, as it really takes advantage of all that Tasker/Locale have to offer.

For more information on this app (including support), head over to the source thread on XDA.

Secure Settings
Secure Settings
Developer: intangibleObject
Price: Free+