A couple of days ago, HTC revealed their bootloader unlock portal and started with 1 of the 3 (so far) promised devices - the European Sensation. The EVO 3D  and the T-Mobile Sensation 4G remained MIA for the time being.

Notice how the Sensation was unlocked shortly after receiving an Android 2.3.4 OTA, which apparently gave it its "unlockability." Now remember what happened this morning? Yup - the EVO 3D also got the 2.3.4 update and, you guessed it - it's now unlockable at HTCDev.com.


So, if it's the bootloader unlock you're after, hop on over to HTC's bootloader unlock page to get in on the unlock-y goodness, but remember - it will likely void your software warranty, so proceed at your own risk (as always).

P.S. The Sensation 4G is receiving its own OTA as we speak - who wants to make a little wager that it'll be unlockable within a few days now?