When it comes to camera apps, it has been a while since I've really been wowed by anything I've seen. Most offer the same features - saturation, color effects, maybe some sort of Polaroid replica... you get the idea. I guess the dev team at JFDP Labs felt the same way, because they have put together the most impressive camera app that I've ever seen, simply called Paper Camera.


I had to throw this in, because I really like that tiny... paper camera.

Paper Camera offers some very cool effects like cartoon, sketch, comic book, old printer, neon, bleaching, half tone, noir, old newspaper, and more. Not only are the effects top-notch, but it all happens in real-time. No post-processing going on here -- what you see on the screen is exactly what you get.

image image image

image image


Pretty sweet, no?

It's worth noting that this app isn't currently compatible with Honeycomb, but the devs are aware of the issue and are actively working to get it fixed.

Update: The developer responded to some of our questions with the following:
  • We are currently working on making Paper Camera compatible with Android 3.X tablets. We've just literally bought a couple of them and will be working on this issue tomorrow, expect a new version by tomorrow evening.
  • The price of the App is $1.49 in the US and £1.49 in the UK, in other countries it might vary, some countries might just get the UK price converted to dollars and I think this is $2.61. I think we are going to lower the price in the UK since this seems to be causing some confusion.
  • You can't post process existing pictures in the current version, we've just added the gallery so you can look at the pictures you've taken. We will add this feature for version 1.2, but at the moment we are busy fixing the issues with the Android 3.X tablets I mentioned earlier.
  • Regarding video, it is something we have in mind for future versions, but we haven't started development on it yet.
  • The photo size issue - We are aware of this, and we will improve it in version 1.2. The problem is that some phones have issues with sending large images to the graphics chip for processing (and this is required to do the sort of fast processing we do) so we've decided to play it safe in the first version and just offer screen-size pictures. This varies depending on your phone, but is usually about the resolution of your screen. We will definitely address the issue after we manage to get the App working on the 3.X tabs.

Paper Camera will set you back either $1.50 or £1.50 from the Android Market (depending on what the Market feels like doing - it charged some people $1.50 and some $2.42), and you can hit the widget below to grab it.

Paper Camera
Paper Camera
Developer: JFDP Labs
Price: Free