Since movie rentals were first enabled on Android devices, rooted users have been left out in the dark, without the ability to utilize the feature on their device. But, when the man steps in, what do Android users do? Find a way to circumvent the system, of course!

Now, thanks to a clever dev named ften, a modified version of the Videos apk is available for download that bypasses the root and tamper checks, allowing rooted users to enjoy Google Movies like they should've been able to all along.

While this app does allow rooted users to watch movies, all other aspects of movie rental are left unchanged. In fact, the dev makes it very clear that he has no intention of modifying the app beyond its current state:

This bypass doesn't affect the actually DRM licensing, it will still generate a proper license key, you will still be limited to the normal viewing times, you will still have to pay to rent movies, etc. Don't ask, because it's not happening. It just bypasses/disabled the root check.

The modified videos APK will work on any device running 2.2+, and you can find the download here.

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