When most people get a new device of any kind, one of the first things that they start looking for is good accessories. For tablets, some of the more sought after add-ons include keyboards for added functionality and cases to protect the investment, but the brilliant minds over at Logitech decided that it would be much more practical to combine the two with the new keyboard case designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

logitech-tablet-keyboard logitech-tablet-keyboard (2) logitech-tablet-keyboard (1)

While we've already taken a look at the official Samsung keyboard for the Tab 10.1 both before and after the TouchWiz UX update, we were still left wanting more -- even going as far as to recommend waiting for the $150 Samsung Bluetooth keyboard/case combo. However, this new arrival from Logitech looks even more pleasing, both to the wallet and to the eye, as it combines an aircraft grade aluminum shell with a high-density foam padding that protects the Tab 10.1 when not in use, and a full Bluetooth keyboard into one sleek combo package. Pricewise, it comes in at $50 less than the official Samsung keyboard case will, costing only $99.

Expect a full review of this device in the coming weeks, but if you just can't wait to see what we have to say about it, you can pre-order it directly from Logitech now.