Motorola XOOM 3G owners, today is your lucky day. Okay, well, maybe not lucky, but still good - the OTA update to Android 3.2 has officially started rolling out. This update brings some subtle, yet nice new features to the Motorola tablet:

+  Screen Scaling Compatibility Mode:
Ability to switch to double pixel mode for selected applications.
When selected, application sub-windows and drop down menus are
also doubled. In addition, pixel doubling settings are saved for each

+  SD Card Support:
New microSD card support allows you to use a file manager to view
all the important files, pictures, music, videos and more stored on
your SD card, as well as write content to your SD card via connection
to a PC or Mac.

+  Adaptive Streaming Support for Movies:
Adjusts the bit rate based on client bandwidth, providing an
improved user experience.

+ Movie Rental Improvements:
• Stability improvements to the overall experience.
•  When viewing with HDMI connection,
the screen will accurately resize.

+ New EAS policy: “Allow Password Recovery”

+ Improvements to Exchange ActiveSync and security


Of course, if you've been checking for updates all day and still haven't seen anything, you can always grab the update and flash it manually.

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