I know what you're probably thinking: "...another mobile security app? Please. There are dozens of these!" While this may be true, TekTrak has a few perks that makes it an interesting and compelling choice over the competition.


Firstly, it's also available on iOS, so it's a great cross-platform solution for the entire family. It's also one of the most affordable solutions that we've seen to date, costing only $5 per year. But what does that $5 per year get you? Sounds like a good time for a bullet list.

  • Remote location: Using GPS, TekTrak will find your lost or stolen phone.
  • Last known location: If the battery dies, you'll know where your device was when it happened.
  • Remote ring: Know you phone is in the house but can't find it? Remote ring will force your phone to ring, even if it's in silent mode.
  • Location History: See where the device has been -- this feature actually helped reunite a family after the earthquake in Japan (way to go, TekTrak!).
  • Remote Lock/Unlock: Stop wrong-doers (or just suspicious people) from accessing your device by remotely locking it up tight.
  • Data Wipe: If you carry personal or sensitive data with you and lose your phone (or it gets stolen), then use this to make sure prying eyes don't see more than they should.
  • Send message: Remotely send a message to the device.
  • Remote WiFi enabling: When accompanied by GPS, WiFi can help provide a more accurate location.
  • MultiLock: Prevents TekTrak from being uninstalled.

If you're still not totally sold, you can grab the lite version of the software, which allows you to login and remotely access your device two times. You're free to use every feature as much as you like during these login sessions, but once you've used up the pair, you'll have to buy it in order to keep protections. But c'mon -- it's only $5 per year.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(