The Sony S1 and S2 tablets haven't exactly been the best kept secret in Sony's playbook, but we still haven't managed to catch a glimpse of that "heavily modified" version of Honeycomb, either -- until now. Thanks to some screenshots grabbed by CarryPad, we now have a better idea of what this duo of tablets will bring to the table. So lets have a look, shall we?

sony_s1_9 sony_s1_1

A quick look at the homescreen and settings menu. As you can see, the pair are already running Android 3.2, so they'll be up-to-date on launch day. The main Honeycomb launcher looks slightly modified, with quick access to favorites, and some possibly network connections via the WiFi icon up top.

sony_s1_2 sony_s1_5

Here's a look at the app drawer, adorned in white and chocked-full of apps. The first image highlights Chumby, an app that streams photos, social feeds, weather, stocks, and more directly to your device; while the second image displays that Zinio, which was recently optimized for Tegra 2 processors, will come bundled with the devices.

sony_s1_3 sony_s1_4

This is some sort of WiFi checker, although I'm not entirely sure of its purpose. Connection repair or corporate environment setup, possibly?

sony_s1_7 sony_s1_8

Lastly, here is a look at the custom keyboard and music player. I believe this is the first instance of a software keyboard that I've seen with a numerical 10-pack setup as part of the main keyboard, but I can't say that makes it looks any more usable than the stock keyboard. The music player, on the other hand, looks pretty awesome, but I would expect nothing less from Sony.

So, now that you've laid eyes on what is to come out of this duo, are you interested? Drop a line in the comments letting us know what you think.

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