Pocket Legends developer Spacetime Studios has lifted the VCAST-exclusive barrier on its latest game, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, and dropped the full version in the Android Market as an open beta for all to enjoy.

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Star Legends is a Sci-Fi MMO that takes place in the depths of space, where you're immersed in a world of space ships, asteroid fields, and all other sorts of galactic habitats. You can choose from three different types of characters, all endowed with their own specific abilities: Commando, the rough-and-tough warrior type; Operative, a fast gun-slinging destroyer-of-all; or Engineer, a support-based character, ready to buff and heal the team.

To get a better idea of what the gameplay is like, have a look at this teaser-style video:

Star Legends is free to download and play, with a "platinum" option available help you "save time on your progress," as well as buy exclusive, non-free items.

Star Legends
Star Legends
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Price: Free+