Huawei is a very interesting company. They're heavily subsidized by the Chinese government. There's been a lot of controversy surrounding their products in terms of intellectual property infringement and military ties.

And then they go and unveil this thing, the Huawei Vision - and, as the title says, it bears a striking resemblance (from the front, at least) to a certain other phone:

huawei-vision-android-smartphone google_nexus_s_21-500x540

The phone so nice, they made it twice.

Here's a quick spec breakdown:

  • 3.7-inch (probably WVGA SLCD) display
  • 1GHz Snapdragon MSM8255 processor (same one you'll find in the Thunderbolt and other phones)
  • 512MB RAM / 2GB internal storage
  • Huawei "3D" UI overlay
  • 5MP rear camera / 720p video recording
  • Android 2.3

The Vision doesn't have the Nexus S's trademark "hump" along the bottom of the phone, but otherwise, it's the spitting image of Google's most recent Nexus handset.

The phone is meant to fill a market niche most of Huawei's products do: the low end. And as a budget handset, this thing could be a great emergency backup or interim replacement to invest in before upgrading to a truly high-end device. Unfortunately, Huawei has yet to provide any pricing info for the Vision, though you can expect it to be highly competitive.

And to add another caveat, the company hasn't told us just which countries will be getting the Vision. But apparently "select markets" will be receiving it in September. Really, we're just interested in the price tag - considering the Huawei Ideos (also known as the T-Mobile Comet) only costs $140 unlocked, the Vision could give relatively high-end specs for a very reasonable figure.

via Phandroid