Well, the Galaxy S II rumors are really starting to heat up stateside. Earlier today, BGR let loose a tip that Sprint may be getting its own Galaxy S II-based handset as early as next month (September), and that it will be dubbed the 'Epic Touch 4G.' This obviously implies that the device will not share the physical QWERTY keyboard of its etymological ancestor, the Epic 4G.

The phone will also feature Sprint's WiMAX 4G - which raises another big question: just how should Sprint subscribers reconcile the carrier's planned adoption of LTE with yet another WiMAX handset on the way? This could be a big speed tradeoff a year or so from now, when even AT&T(-Mobile) will be well on its way to a full-fledged LTE rollout.

Whether this rumor is even true, we don't know. But for the moment, we're willing to say it sounds pretty plausible. Of course, we also just love any news about US-bound variants of the jaw-droppingly awesome Galaxy S II - so maybe we're a little biased in that regard.

Here's to hoping.