A couple of weeks ago, we told you about DeskSMS (then called DesktopSMS), the new app from the creator of ClockworkMod Recovery that forwards your SMS messages to GMail or GTalk and allows you reply from anywhere. The app has been under heavy construction since then, and a boatload of new features have been added, including direct web access, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Setup is quite easy, too. Once you install the app and grant it the required permissions, all you need to do is tell it to sync your SMS messages, choose the desired notifications (GTalk or GMail), and that's it.

sms1 sms2

Note: In order to get your messages on the desktop, you must sync them within the app.

Back on the desktop, you can access your SMS via the DeskSMS website or the Chrome/Firefox extension. If you've ever used any sort of remote SMS management tool before, like MightyText (formerly Texty), then you probably know how annoying they can be: constant popup notifications, even from old messages that you've already read on your phone (I believe our own Aaron Gingrich spoke of this very thing on his Google+ page earlier today).

This is not the case with DeskSMS. The Chrome extension is a subtle icon beside the address bar that displays the number of unread messages - that's it. No in-your-face notifications that are blowing up your desktop, just one little icon that works extremely well. Of course, if you're into desktop notifications, you do have the option to enable them.

DeskSMS is free during the course of its beta life, so head over to the Android Market and get it!

The app was not found in the store. :-(