Analytics firm Canalys is reporting that global smartphone market share for Google’s Android OS platform is at a colossal 48%, with an overall lead in 35 out of the 56 countries tracked by Canalys. According to the report, the total global smartphone market has grown by 73% year-on-year with a total of 107.7 million devices shipped in Q2 2011. Android-based devices are the main culprit behind this astounding growth with an increase in shipments of 379% from over a year ago totalling 51.9 million units shipped in Q2 2011. Android sales in the Asia-Pacific region are particularly impressive, especially in South Korea and Taiwan where Android holds 85% and 71% market share, respectively.

In contrast, Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones and has a market share of 19%, overtaking Nokia’s Symbian platform to take second place in the race for global smartphone supremacy. Apple has also become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, racing ahead of Nokia, who has held this title for many years. As expected, manufacturers using the Android platform have seen significant gains with Samsung, the largest Android manufacturer, moving ahead of Nokia on the back of the powerhouse that is the Samsung Galaxy S II. However, according to Canalys "Samsung has failed to fully capitalize on Nokia’s weakened state around the world."

Despite Nokia’s decline and Android’s growth, Nokia still leads in emerging market such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Similarly, RIM has managed to grow by 11% globally, capturing the number one position in Latin America with a market share of 28%.

In the United States, Google’s Android OS holds 39% market share, followed by Apple’s iOS at 28%, and RIM’s Blackeberry OS at 20%.

Source: Canalys via Reuters