There are plenty of network-attached storage ("NAS") solutions available, however if you are a fan of Western Digital, you may be the owner of their My Book Live line of devices (available much cheaper on Amazon). Although reviews indicate that it is a solid product, it lacks a convenient method of remotely accessing the data, especially considering its MioNet solution is "nearly useless." Owners of this NAS will be pleased to hear that WD has launched the WD 2go Android app that helps bridge the remote access gap by providing an alternative method of viewing the content on your NAS.

There are a few requirements for this app. In addition to a WD My Book Live device connected to the Internet, you will need your device access code generated by your My Book Live with version 2.0 or higher, and your Android phone or tablet needs to be running at least Android version 2.1 or higher.

The app allows users to access their files, music, and photos stored on their WD NAS devices all from the comfort of their Android phones or tablets. It is even possible to launch presentations and stream music and video.

However, the WD 2go app is essentially a file manager, and so it will not open content that is not supported by your Android device. For example, without third-party apps, only .mp3 music files, .mp4 video files and .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .gif image files will open. If you wish to view additional music, video and image files you will need to download third-party software such as Rockplayer Lite. Additionally, you will need an Office viewer app, such as Documents 2 Go, to view the .doc, .pdf, .ppt, and .xls files stored on your WD My Book Live.

If you own a WD My Book Live and an Android 2.1+ phone or tablet, this app is a must-have. Check out some screenshots of the app in the gallery below and download away - it's free.

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