Less than a week ago, T-Mobile announced that Gingerbread would be rolling out to a limited number of myTouch 4G users on June 20th, with a broader rollout hitting all customer by the end of the year. In a strange twist, the Magenta Carrier updated the myTouch 4G support page this morning stating that:

Beginning August 5, you will be able to go to  a T-Mobile retail store to update your T-Mobile myTouch 4G to the most recent software version. This helps if you have not gotten the Over-The-Air (OTA)  update.

The document goes on to provide users some caveats to be aware of in case the update fails; such as data loss, application loss, the amount of time that the update will take in such a case, and a detailed process of what the tech will do to your device.

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So there you go -- if you don't have the update by August 5th, head over to your local T-Mo, hang out for half-an-hour and walk out Gingerbread-ified.

There's still no word on when the full OTA rollout will begin, but I have to wonder: who's actually going to wait for it?

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