Gmail for Android hasn't received much love lately, but Google definitely hasn't forgotten about it. The new version 2.3.5 (curiously, it matches the latest Gingerbread release version), which showed up tonight, brings a host of new features, including one that I was *just* thinking of yesterday after clicking the "Show Pictures" button for the 1800th time.

The new features are:

  1. Save bandwidth and battery by only syncing priority mail
  2. Use label notifications to mash up filters, labels, and ringtones
  3. Remember ‘Show Pictures’ for senders
  4. Turn off sticky message actions in landscape or all orientations
  5. Better TalkBalk support for accessibility
  6. Performance improvements

As I mentioned, my favorite is definitely the sticky "Show Pictures" setting, which means I won't have to click the annoying button in every email that I receive from all the deals sites on a daily basis. Excellent. I'm not sure whether the list of approved senders is synced between all devices and itself, but I have my doubts.

Update: As spotted by geemaan's sharp eyes, the new Gmail allows for downloading of attachments that previously only had the Preview button. Hooray!

As for the rest of the new additions, here are most of them at a glance:

wm_snap20110728_190700 wm_snap20110728_190738 wm_snap20110728_191943 wm_snap20110728_192000

wm_snap20110728_192109 wm_snap20110728_192038 wm_snap20110728_192135 wm_snap20110728_192148

Great job, Google. Now give us pinch-to-zoom in HTML emails, and we'll be ecstatic!

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free