Update: If @VZWSupport is to be believed (and after yesterday's Galaxy S II fiasco, I have my doubts), then the update should be rolling out beginning today, reaching all DX2 owners by the end of the week.

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Has anyone received the update yet? Drop us a line in the comments when (if) it hits your device!


When the Droid X2 first hit the street, most would-be owners were extremely disappointed when they found out that it didn't ship with Gingerbread. For some, this was a deal-breaker, but others stuck it out and bought the device anyway, hoping for an OTA update soon after. It looks like that time may be upon us now, as the official documentation regarding the Android 2.3.x update for the DX2 has landed on VZW's support site.

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The update looks to bring many enhancements to the X2:

  • Download Manager app
  • Multi-Touch key-chording
  • Improved word selection and copy functionality
  • New user interface color scheme (read: new Motoblur, er... Motorola Applications Layer)
  • Increased security
  • Updated calendar
  • Google Books
  • Geo-tagging in the camera app

That's not all that Moto/Big Red have packed in this smorgasbord of improvements, either. You can expect a whole slew of other, minor fixes as well:

  • Improvements in screen display reduce screen locking up and turning black
  • HDMI indicated clears if cable is connected and an application is started
  • Duplicate SMS fix
  • After MDN change, device no longer performs a data reset
  • Proper icon/widget display
  • Fixed interruption when unlocking the device
  • Improved stability reduces device restarts (is it me, or do all VZW updated include this?)
  • Correct device battery percentage is displayed
  • VZ Navigator works with WiFi
  • Easily subscribe or cancel a subscription to VVM
  • Home tray icons can be customized (!)
  • When plugged into a car dock, it no longer plays a sound
  • Enhanced user interface proved improved screen transitions
  • MMS notification while on a call
  • Vibrate icon added

So there you have it - lots and lots of update/fixes/enhancements/other awesome stuff. There is just one missing detail: a rollout date. We're not sure on that one but, as always, we'll let you know as soon as we find out.

[VZW Support]

[Thanks, Robert!]