Two days ago we let you know that the 4G LTE variant of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was set to hit Big Red's sales floor on July 28th for $530 (with a two-year agreement, that is). That day is here, and right on schedule, the LTE Tab 10.1 is ready to go in VZW stores across the country.

Accompanying what is probably the best Android tablet on the market, you'll find a whole slew of accessories to optimize the usefulness and experience of the Tab. Among the add-ons is the Multimedia Charging Dock for $50, a desk accessories that allows you to dock your Tab 10.1 in landscape mode, charge it, and plug up some external speakers -- great for watching movies or listening to music; USB and SD Card Connection Kit for $30, so you can take advantage of the USB host support in Android 3.1 or increase storage with an SD card; and a $40 HDMI adapter for streaming content directly to your HDTV in 1080p.

2011-07-28 10h33_45 2011-07-28 10h34_05 2011-07-28 10h33_13

From left to right: Multimedia Dock, USB adapter, and HDMI adapter

That's not all VZW is offering to new Tab owners, though: there's also a screen protector that will set you back $20 (something that I had a difficult time finding when I got my Tab 10.1 -- eventually, I just gave up), so you can keep the display free of scratches and dings. Also, a Bluetooth keyboard with case is slated (heh) to hit stores in August for $150, so you can get a laptop-esque experience (and maybe actually get some work done) out of your new toy.

Anyone plan on picking up an LTE Tab 10.1 and some accessories today?