There are a number of security applications available for Android, such as WaveSecure and Lookout, which lock down your phone if it is lost or stolen, but few come close to being as secure and robust as Theft Aware 2.0.

We took a look at the application at the end of last year, and were thoroughly impressed by its ability to take advantage of rooted devices, installing itself into the system partition of your phone so that it isn't affected by even a full system wipe. It's also completely invisible on rooted devices, not only in the app launcher, but also in the app manager, to protect itself from being uninstalled.

theft aware android deal

Previously available for €10 after the trial period, you can now pick up a single Theft Aware license for just €2.99, which is 70% off the previous price. If you have more than one device that you want to protect, then you can buy an unlimited license for €4.49 during the promotion, down from €14.98.

This is a limited time offer, but no end date is given so if you want to be sure of getting in on the cheaper price then get yourself over to the Theft Aware website and purchase a copy for your phone.

Thanks, @aatifsumar