As if Amazon hasn't already helped make our mobile life easy enough, today it released AmazonFresh for Android into the Market. If you've never heard of AmazonFresh you're not alone, as I hadn't either. As it turns out, it's Amazon's take on grocery shopping, complete with fresh produce and home delivery.

The Android app looks to be a key companion to the website, offering many of the same features, including complete grocery listings, doorstep and attended home delivery, past purchase access, barcode search, order placement, and the ability to edit an order prior to delivery.

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Of course, there is a catch: this service is only available in the Seattle metropolitan area at the current moment, with no work on when (or if) Amazon plans to expand the service.

So, if you live in the Seattle area and want to give this new grocery-delivery service a shot, head over the AmazonFresh website and make an account, then hit up the Android Market to grab the app.

The app was not found in the store. :-(