The 5th Android Police book giveaway is now over, and we've picked the winners. A copy of Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR will be shipped to each of the following readers, selected by O'Reilly and Android Police, who answered this question:

Why do you think developers should build their apps with Adobe AIR instead of using a conventional approach?


I've long thought AIR made sense as a mobile development platform due to its ease of development and cross-platform potential. I'd actually hoped the original iPhone devkit would be AIR, but that would have wrestled away more control than Apple is willing to give. I'd love to see how AIR can be used for Android development!


As a flash game developer, I find it great that i can take all of the "logic" code that i've already written and use it again on a mobile platform. All i need to do is design a proper UI and the game typically "just works." I know there are some things extra that i should/could be doing though, so this book would probably be very useful to me!


Because im headed to Afghanistan and i need to write apps that apply to my soldiers. I need it to be quick easy and painless. This would help. Navy Chief navy pride

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