If you're like us, you probably spend a little bit of time in your Android device's directory system, hunting down stray files or unused app folders ripe for deletion. Or, more frustratingly, moving files between folders. This has never been particularly easy on Android, because you're limited to enough room on most handsets for one open file directory at a time - but no more.

Update: In response to a lot of you who are asking for root support, the app developer wrote in to say this:

"yes ROOT will be added if the program along with additional features."

Even with robust file management applications like Astro, moving files from folder to folder is a bit of a pain. With Dual File Manager XT (we're going to call it DFMXT for short), this is no longer such a hassle.

snap20110722_154617 snap20110722_155936 snap20110722_155945

By selecting the "Move [or Copy] to #2" option, you transfer whatever you currently have selected in the first pane to the directory you're currently inside in the second pane. Easy. And you can just flip back and fourth between your two panes. This eliminates the hassle of hunting for directories, forgetting whether you hit cut or copy, and all sorts of unnecessary back button-pressing. We like.

DFMXT doesn't stop there, though - it's a fully configurable file management app, completely with archival compression and extraction capabilities, share options, and robust search filtering and sorting. Take a look:

snap20110722_154801 snap20110722_154828 snap20110722_154715

DFMXT does a lot - and we've only done a general flyover of the app. I'm taken aback enough to consider making the switch from Astro, because the awesome sort and search/filter functions of DFMXT make navigating my often-messy SD card a breeze. Take it for a test drive for yourself - it's free on the Market now.

Dual File Manager XT
Dual File Manager XT
Developer: Medieval Software
Price: Free